The Deep State Assassination of Bechir Rabani

The prominent Swedish independent journalist Bechir Rabani had been found dead in what local citizen journalists reported were “suspicious circumstances”.

Swedish journalist Bechir Rabani discovered dead on 15 December 2017

Important to know about Swedish journalist Bechir Rabani, is that prior to his 15 December death, he had been investigating the known communist activist Robert Aschberg—with Aschberg being a board member of the Expo Foundation—a radical leftist organization sowing chaos in Sweden funded by George Soros—with Aschberg, also, being known as “Hillary’s Cash Man” for his funneling tens-of-millions of dollars of Soroscash directly to Hillary Clinton and her “Deep State” organization that’s attempting to over President Trump in a coup.

To anyone attempting to investigate Robert Aschberg, however, this report says, the SVR would have, most certainly, warned them not do so unless they were a powerful nation state, and most certainly not a journalist—as is due to this George Soros funded communist being the grandson of the feared Swedish “Red Banker” Olof Aschberg—who had helped his good friend and mass murderer Joseph Stalin launder the money that the Bolsheviks had stolen from Russia before the Russian Revolution.

Note: The “Red Banker” Olof Aschberg is viewed favorably in the West, but in Russia is known as the criminal he truly was.

Too late, though, this report continues, did Swedish journalist Bechir Rabani learn the grave danger he had placed himself in by investigation the criminal-communist Robert Aschberg—but with journalist Rabani soon discovering the error of what he had done after he attempted to interview Aschberg—and that after which, journalist Rabani shockingly discovered that his entire Facebook account had been deleted (including all chat messages, which in normal cases would remain visible)—and his then receiving a warning from a contact of his in the Swedish Security Service telling him of the grave danger he was in—but that came to late to save his life.

Bechir Rabani’s last post on twitter before he was murdered by Margot Wallstrom’s “Deep State” NOA/SÄPO

To the greatest danger facing the Swedish people regarding Margot Wallstrom’s Deep State” killing of Bechir Rabani, this report concludes, is that the Swedish mainstream propaganda media has become the government subservient lapdog for fear of what will become of them should they, also, attempt to investigate government criminality—but that, most assuredly, doesn’t even come close to describing President Trump—whose complete non-fear of these demonic globalist monsters trying to destroy him now borders on the reckless—but that one hopes, and prays too, his heroic Secret Service protectors will be able to defend his life against when they come to kill him—but that, one can imagine, this fearless President Trump might even be waiting for.

Robert Aschberg is involved in this prosecutors suicide.


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